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A 12-week online Catholic coaching program to heal wounded relationships with God the Father.

Journey Begins January, 2025

We often don't really trust God the Father and His love for us. We are hurt, scared, and angry. We tell ourselves:

  • Maybe I say the Father is Love, but deep down I don't trust Him.

  • I have to hide my deepest feelings and desires, otherwise the Father will be angry with me.

  • I am afraid that if the Father really knew me, He wouldn't love me.

  • Honestly, I think the Father is unfair. He's so demanding, then he is hard, unreliable, and distant. 

Deep down, if we're honest...

That's where KNOWN comes in

Father and Daughter

Experience yourself as a BELOVED son or daughter of the Father.

Journey Begins January, 2025

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  • Redeem a past that holds you back from intimacy with the Lord

  • Witness your Father move in the most guarded parts of your heart, allowing you to live in new joy and freedom

  • Experience an intimate, loving relationship with your Heavenly Father that is sweeter, stronger, and better than ever before. 

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Genuine Faith & Effective Psychology

KNOWN* was developed by two Catholic therapists who integrate the truths of the faith with the power of psychology to help you:​

  • Identify the wounds in your relationship with the Father

  • Create space for deeper awareness and healing encounters with the Father

  • Deepen your identity as beloved son or daughter of the Father

  • Develop a new lifestyle of integration, intentionality, and playfulness that breaks chronic anxiety, distraction, and exhaustion

  • Find new security, joy, and peace

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How we do it

Practical Tools to Freedom


Weekly Sessions

Isaac and Matt share experienced and tested Catholic psychological teachings during their weekly live Zoom sessions. Walk hand-in-hand with experienced psychologists through each step of the healing process.


Consistent Accountability

Join a small group of brothers and sisters in Christ. Find community, intercessory prayer, and accountability throughout the healing process. 


Guided Curriculum

Follow a guided and structured curriculum of original prayer meditations and psychological exercises that truly reflect the integrated nature of faith, mental health, and attachment wounds.


Lasting Healing

Through 12 weeks of prayer, discovery, and accountability, be prepared to experience freedom in your relationship with the Father that lasts!

"Considerable inner healing took place over these three months. It was a well worthwhile journey."

- Jim

  • How much does it cost? (and what if I can't afford it?)
    Our program costs $449. However, we never want money to prevent someone from participating in our course. Therefore, we have a Good Steward Policy. Under this policy you contact us and we'll work with you to get you in the program regardless of your financial situation. We want this healing work for everyone!
  • What's the time commitment?
    Because the program cuts out life clutter and stress, most participants actually find that they have more time and energy each week. Also, the whole program follows a flexible structure to allow for busy schedules. For example, the weekly 1 hour sessions are done live but are also recorded if you can't make it, and the weekly exercises allow you to pick the times that work best for your schedule. We understand that life is busy.
  • Is this therapy?
    This is NOT therapy. This is a structured coaching program that integrates faith and psychology with the aim of building intimacy and safety with God the Father. While many participants have experienced deep emotional and spiritual healing, the program is not intended to treat psychological disorders.
  • I feel called to do this, but I'm scared to face my past. What if I get overwhelmed?
    This program is built to be flexible, gentle, and respectful. If you find yourself getting overwhelmed or stuck, it's okay to take a step back and reach out to us. When dealing with vulnerable places in our hearts, it is vital to be gentle and patient. The goal isn't to accomplish every task, but to follow your unique healing journey with the Father.
  • Is this program confidential?
    The program is designed to create a space for community and vulnerability. While each call is recorded, a link to the session is only sent to active members within the cohort. We do not share participant information outside of the cohort without first obtaining consent. That said, due to to group format we cannot guarantee complete confidentiality. Participants are always free to share (or not share) within their comfort zone. You will never be forced or obligated to share within the group.
  • Where can I find the KNOWN prayer journal for the program?
    You can find the KNOWN prayer journal on Amazon. We highly recommend getting a physical copy of the book for the program because you will be journaling as part of several exercises during periods of no technology. That said, everyone in the program will have access to a free digital version of the book.



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